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Roswarne is a place of tranquility located within six acres of gardens.

OUR SIX SUITES ARE DECORATED in true regency style 

All out suites come with all modern conveniences, sleeping up to 18 people, most apartments with two en-suite room

ROSWARNE suite information


Within the gated domain of Holman Park, Roswarne has private parking for each apartment and, for events, along the long drive to the house. We do encourage guests to arrive by train which is only a short walk away, or even by public or private bus (a vintage bus is even nicer). We have even welcomed the Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter and, indeed, by special arrangement this type of impressive entrance is possible!

Each suite has a particular style and the choice is of which you book is all yours. The rooms are far more spacious than modern day proportions. You will enjoy the luxury of high ceilings, authentic furnishings and decor combined with the contemporary standards of central heating, fitted kitchens and never ending hot running water for a deep bath or long shower.

Request butler service or daily maid to keep your apartment fresh. Bring friends or enjoy a long weekend in mindful solitude. Whatever your style we respect your space and are here to help.

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